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Top 3 Video Games To Get This Christmas

With the weeks, days and hours ticking down to the Big Day, gamers everywhere are busy figuring out what games they want their significant other/parents/Santa to get them. Same as always, the holiday season is the peak time of year for the gaming industry, with many of the major titles for the year coming out at this time. The gaming culture is also fragmented into several camps, as the person who is into sport games might not be into RPG's as heavily. As such, we have picked a hot game in

The History of Gambling

It seems as though ever since human beings have had material possessions to risk, they have been throwing their lot in with Lady Luck in pursuit of the thrill of “easy” wealth.  Indeed, as far as back as the ancient days of the Chinese and the Romans, people have been courting the gambling gods (they literally believed such outcomes were related to the whims of the immortals), so it is no surprise that this activity is widely enjoyed by most cultures around the world today. What follows are

17 Blackjack Tips to Help Tilt The Odds in Your Favor!

Of course if you're playing Blackjack at the casino or online usually favors the dealer, but it IS possible to still win this card game. Here are some Blackjack tips to help tilt the odds towards your favor: 1. Get at table where the minimum isn’t any more than five percent of your money. 2. Look for rules that aid players such as being able to double down or a dealer being required to stand on a soft 17. 3. Begin using basics. Dealers have to hit on 16 or less, so you can’t win on 17

How to Tell if Someone is Bluffing in Poker

While many games in casinos carry with them a great deal of excitement, the majority of them share one tragic flaw (from the perspective of the player): the odds of victory are tilted towards the house. This means that no matter how hot you run, the gambler that keeps playing these games will inevitably lose all their money back to the dealer. Blackjack does contain elements that allow the player to shift the odds in their favor, but getting spotted doing these things by casino officials will get