The most popular games for 2015 thus far

Leveraging its brand equity, Angry Birds is among the most popular games for 2015 again ... photo by CC user andrewcurrie on Flickr

The gaming industry is as popular as it’s ever been right now with more and more ‘new’ players trying out games on the various platforms available. In the 1990s and early 2000s, all gaming was done on consoles like the PlayStation or XBox, or on specialist gaming PCs because the family computers just weren’t quick enough to handle the games or built with enough spec to provide the ultimate experience.

Some games did survive on traditional computers, like flight simulators or role-playing games where you made your choices and the action unfolded for you; but others just fell by the wayside and were out of fashion as quickly as they came in.

Today we have the same gaming platforms available to use – plus the fantastic laptops which make it seem as though you’re really in the game and, of course, mobile gaming through smartphones and tablets. It’s actually the development of mobile gaming which has revitalised the industry through games like Angry Birds or bingo comparison sites which lead people to the best bingo apps to download, turning it from the stereotypical hobby played by people in dark rooms with crisp packets and coke cans all over the place into the kind of thing anyone can do, even if they have no interest in CoD other than eating it with chips!

According to the online gaming platform Raptr, there is one runaway leader for the title of top game of 2015 and that’s League of Legends. According to the statistics, more than 21% of people using the particular platform had spent time on League of Legends, far surpassing the next in the list, World of Warcraft which is still going strong with just over 8%.

Counter-Strike, Minecraft and Final Fantasy have kept their pretty constant positions in the rankings as people show that the trends don’t tend to vary too much in the online gaming space when it comes to the most popular games for 2015.

Mobile gaming is the one leading the way with more and more developers releasing their products specially adapted for mobile devices. Gamers are able to play anytime, anywhere having downloaded the content and the free versions in particular have been highly successful. The top of the App Store chart is regularly taken by a free game, and the developers can then build further paid-for add-ons into the game when players reach a certain point so that they can continue on their quest, mission or game in general.

By creating free versions the developers have been able to reach out to audiences that might otherwise have never heard of the game or might have scrolled through without downloading it. They have essentially given gamers the chance to try-before-they-buy and it won’t be long before mobile game downloads surpass the majority of console game purchases.