10 Tips to Win Big in Roulette

Charity casino events are a place where spinner biases may occur more frequently, a fact that may help you win big in Roulette

Of all the casino games one can play in the gaming world, there are few that match the excitement and lottery-like nature of roulette. Casting a ball onto a spinning wheel with 37 or 38 slots (the wheel differs whether your wheel is using an American or a European configuration), bettors watch with baited breath as it careens around the metallic surface of the wheel, which eventually settles down, rolling into a slot with a color and number.

There are a variety of betting options available to players, ranging from colors and series of numbers, to the ultimate exercise in degeneracy: betting on a single number in order to win a fortune on a 38/39 to 1 long shot. Despite the fact that roulette is set up to benefit the house in the long run, there are ways to improve your chances of winning in the short term by evening out your odds to the fullest extent possible, while hoping for a run of positive variance (luck) to flow your way.

To that end, the following ten tips aim to keep you alive at the table long enough so that might have a chance to eventually win big at roulette.

1) Keep a separate bankroll for roulette

Before you get started play roulette on a regular basis, it is important to realize that it is easy to get emotionally caught up in the act of gambling. As such, keep your betting money physically separate from the money you use to pay your bills and put food on the table. If you don’t have the discipline to do this, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to stay away from the tables.

2) Play at a free table at an online casino when starting out

Everybody sucks at any game when starting out. If there are free practice tables available at your casino, try them out for at least an hour before making your live debut, in order to get the rules down pat. If this is not an option for you, download a free casino software from the net and practice in your free time at home.

3) Never play on a roulette wheel that has a double 0 (00) slot

American roulette wheels have two zero slots, the ‘0’ and the ’00’, as opposed to European ones, which simply have the ‘0’. Simple math should tell you why playing the former wheel is a bad idea over a long session at the casino (hint: the house has a bigger edge).

4) Watch the wheel for potential biases

Don’t be too hardcore about this, as blatant filming is a sure way to getting barred from your local gambling den. Over your first few sessions though, note in your mind which colors/numbers seem to come up more often. Whether it is an old/defective wheel starting to falter, or the lazy and complacent spin of a tired dealer creating results that are more consistent than optimal, no roulette game is 100% leak proof.

5) Only gamble with reputable companies if playing online

If you plan to gamble it up over the internet, it is VITAL that you take the time to do your research on the various companies that offer casino gambling online. Some companies are above board and even trade on global stock exchanges (i.e. Partygaming), but many others are shady operators that take a long time processing payouts, providing abysmal customer service, and some might even mysteriously fly away into wild blue yonder on a random day, customer deposits and all.

6) Make conservative bets on options that pay more often

When you play for the first time, it is so tempting to take a “get rich quick” attitude towards betting by betting on long shot options like sixes, corners and even one shots, you will lose your stake in record time unless you get extraordinarily lucky. The better play that will conserve your stack until luck catches up with you or you notice a bias in the wheel/spinner is by betting on 1:1 or 2:1 options like colors, even/odds, or dozens.

7) Bet on a color and one of the dozens concurrently

This specific strategy allows you to overlap your bets, further buffering the effect of the house edge/bad luck. If red AND your dozen both hit for example, you win twice, and if your dozen hits, but your color misses, you still break even.

8) Do not Martingale if you are losing

There is an often quoted strategy known as the Martingale strategy in gambling circles that purports that you can reclaim your losses by doubling your bet every time you lose so that you’ll win all your money back when you eventually hit again. The roulette wheel has no memory though, and bad luck can get pretty sick at times. This veiled way of chasing losses gets expensive in a hurry, causing you to lose your stake in no time flat.

9) Employ a stop loss for profits and your overall stake

Whenever you gamble, you need to have in mind an amount of money your prepared to lose before packing it in and heading home. Otherwise, you might burn your way through half your bank account in a fit of rage induced by an epic losing streak. Also, when you’re running hot, it helps to have a profit level where you will stand up from the table and book your win, as we all gamble trying to grind up some ”easy” money. Enjoy your winnings instead of dumping it back to the house for once.

10) If you start getting irritated, walk away

If a series of losses at the table has you palpably annoyed, you need to step away from the action and either calm down, or go home. You are far more prone to making terrible betting decisions when you are tilted, then when you are even-keeled or having fun. Gambling is supposed to be fun, so when it isn’t: leave!